Daniel Pollera

DAN POLLERA @ STU-ART SUPPLIESWhen Daniel Pollera came to us with his new painting ‘After the Storm’, we were struck by the awesome definition of the piece and the memories it evoked of last year’s devasting storm, Hurricane Sandy.

In Daniel’s own words: “My latest work ‘After the Storm’ is of the Muller Bay House built c. 1910. The house was swept off its perch and was carried 300 yards by the tide during [the storm] Sandy. The structure stayed intact and was put back minus windows and doors. An American flag was draped on its side, symbolizing the spirit of the local community to rebuild. It has just been registered as a historical landmark.”

There is much more to Daniel Pollera’s artwork than can be experienced with just a quick glance. Daniel is a nationally recognized artist, with paintings exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the country. If you would like to take a closer look at Daniel’s work, please visit his website danielpollera.com

Thanks to Daniel Pollera for allowing us to frame and share his amazing painting. And we would also like to say that our hearts are with Hurricane Sandy’s victims and their families, as well as with all those who still are trying to recover from that disaster.

What feelings does Daniel’s painting ‘After the Storm’ inspire in you?

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