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David Turton Photography

David Turton @ Stu-Art SuppliesIf our first “WOW!!!” guest, Daniel Pollera’s paintings look like photographs, David Turton‘s photographs are so breathtaking that at first glance they appear to be paintings. His photo “Lyman St. Sandy Storm” (the one you can see on our Timeline cover and attached to this post) is an awesome example of this. Even though we all know that Hurricane Sandy was real (unfortunately real), we have to look twice (or thrice) to see how real David’s photo is. The color balance and of course his unique “perspective” makes this photo an amazing piece of art.

In past years, David’s photographs have been recognized and published nationwide by top organizations and media companies. Some include, The New York Times Homes Magazine, American Red Cross, New Balance,, and many local businesses.

About the photo, in David’s words:
“This is a panoramic of the Lyman Street breach in Mantoloking at the oceanfront, looking east. The home on the right used to sit high on the dunes with the sand going right up to its doorstep. Incredibly, the whole beachfront was washed away, leaving the house standing on its buried pilings. Katharine Hepburn is believed to have stayed at this home for numerous summers. The photo was taken October 31, 2012.”

Discover more about David and his photographs by visiting his website

David is not only a great photographer, he is also an even better person who has started a fundraising project in order to help Hurricane Sandy’s victims. To learn more about his fundraising initiative visit:

David’s photograph was framed in a double Museum white mat with a Nielsen #117 Matte Black frame.

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