Economy Show Packs: A great gift idea for the artist in your life or yourself

Order Economy Show Packs in our store Economy Show Packs @ Stu-Art Supplies Gift Idea

Save when ordering mats, backing boards and clear-as-glass bags in bulk. Our Economy Show Packs include 100 mats, 100 backing boards and 100 Clear-As-Glass bags at a discounted price. They offer a substantial savings over purchasing these items individually and are available as either single or double mats in our most popular sizes.

The Economy Show Packs are the perfect gift for artists who have an upcoming show, or who mat larger amounts of artwork. The Economy Show Packs not only professionally present your art work at shows but also protect it. Our Clear-as-glass bags protect the art from handling damage. Order Economy Show Packs on-line
Jason Fizer Art Show
Art show photo courtesy of Jason Fizer.

The Economy Show Packs include:

Matting @ Stu-Art Supplies
Available as either single or double mats in our most popular sizes.

• 100 Economy Beveled Mats
Stu-Art Supplies offers a wide variety of matting options for artist’s watercolor paintings, prints, drawings, & photographs. These mats are beveled cut from mat board buffered to a neutral ph. Our stock mats are available in the most popular watercolor, print, and photographic sizes. All of our mats are cut in our Baldwin, NY facility from mat board made in the USA.

Backing boards @ Stu-Art Supplies
The Economy Show Packs include our economy backing boards.

• 100 Economy Backing Boards
In addition to mats, we offer a variety of backing board options that range from our economy backing, boards to regular and archival foam board as well as museum board backs which all can be cut to size.

Clear-as-glass bags @ Stu-Art Supplies
Display your art using our Clear-as-Glass Polypropylene Plastic Bags.

• 100 Clear-as-glass Bags
Our Clear-as-glass Bags are the perfect way to protect and display your artwork. These polypropylene bags are crystal clear, 1.6 mil thick with an adhesive strip on the flap of the bag. Just insert your artwork, peel off the adhesive cover strip and fold over the flap to the bag. The bags are approximately 1/2″ wide and 1/4″ longer to allow for easy insertion of your artwork.

Order Economy Show Packs in our store

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