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Category: WOW!

Sandi Daniel

Today’s WOW! is about storytelling and reinterpreting the laws of nature. Acclaimed photographer Sandi Daniel is not shy about mixing different mediums in order to express her own
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Laurél Schmid

Today’s WOW! is about the artistic creative process. Artist Laurél Schmid is sharing with us the process that inspired her to create one of the last beautiful paintings
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Joe Gallagher

We could spend hours looking at today’s WOW!, “Rolling Thunder,” a painting by Joe Gallagher, and we would still be finding new details. It is not only hypnotic,
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Elinor Carbone

Today’s WOW! is irrefutable proof about how artist Elinor Carbone not only masters watercolor techniques but feels passionate about it. As Ellie says: One of her pieces was
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Denise Brown

Today’s WOW! is an interesting example of how artist Denise Brown is able to find beauty in the most ordinary elements, like this watercolor painting: “The Linemen”. As
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Larry Durfey

Today’s WOW! is something so unique that the artist had to invent a whole new printing process. The artist is Larry Durfey, the photo art is called “Nature’s
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Ivette Kjelsrud

Today’s WOW!, an acrylic painting titled “Tandem” by artist Ivette Kjelsrud is a beautiful combination that falls between reality and the abstract qualities of a work of art.
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