Tell Us What’s New And We’ll Publish It!

Tell Us What Is New and We Will Publish It @ Stu-Art Supplies This is an invitation to all of our customers. As the title says: Tell Us What’s New And We’ll Publish It. If you have a new show opening soon, an event scheduled for next month or a new art class schedule for this year, a new project, a new whatever… Just tell us and we will publish it on our (your) blog. Anything related to your art activity, even if it’s just an artwork you are proud of and would like to share or you are the owner of an art gallery. We would like to advertise it for you for free. If you sell more, so do we.

Let us know by sending an email to with the subject “Okay to Publish” including all the info that we might need (event description, date and place, images if there is any, etc). You can also contact us through the following form:

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• Important Note 1: It’s FREE!

• Important Note 2: You are solely responsible for the content of your submissions. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to edit, refuse to publish or remove any content from the Site for any reason whatsoever.

• Important Note 3: Always remember to write the words Okay to Publish on the subject of your email.

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