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Michelle Neacy @ Stu-Art Supplies “Dew Drops Mums” photograph by Michelle Neacy © 2015 Matting provided by Stu-Art Supplies.

This WOW!!! is about small details and the magic of visuals. Today’s photograph “Dew Drops Mums” by photographer Michelle Neacy is a fantastic example of how small things (like a couple of water drops) can create a visual effect so magical that it becomes something different. Michelle told us about this photo and how she became interested on macro photography:

“After I got my first DSLR in 2007, I started looking for photo inspiration online and found a man in the UK who was taking these kinds of shots. It fascinated me so I bought a macro lens, learned how to use it and I haven’t put it down since, it’s one of my favorite lenses. It lets you see what the human eye can’t. This photo is two dewdrops on two blades of grass. There is a flower behind the grass and that’s what makes up the background of the photo – but the focus is on the refraction of the flower in the dewdrop. Think of it like a crystal ball, it works in a similar way.”

”Dew Drops Mums” photograph in Michelle's living room.
“Dew Drops Mums” photograph in Michelle’s living room.

Michelle Neacy is a freelance photographer whose work is primarily landscapes. She licenses her images to a corporate greeting card company and she has been published in several magazines like Wooden Boat Magazine or most recently the cover image of the September 2014 issue of Hudson Valley Magazine. Michelle also likes taking photographs of birds. “I fell in love with birds after I got my first camera in the middle of winter and was looking for willing subjects. I found them in my own backyard. Five years have passed since I got that first camera and I am still taking photos of birds. I have even been lucky enough to have a Downy Woodpecker eat out of my hand on a few occasions and have the pictures to prove it.

Discover more about Michelle Neacy on her website www.michelleneacy.com and on Fineartamerica.com. If you would like to schedule a portrait session or a private photography lesson, please e-mail her at Mish234@aol.com

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