Ivette Kjelsrud

Tandem by Ivette Kjelsrud @ Stu-Art Supplies
“Tandem” acrylic painting by Ivette Kjelsrud © 2015

Today’s WOW!, an acrylic painting titled “Tandem” by artist Ivette Kjelsrud is a beautiful combination that falls between reality and the abstract qualities of a work of art. As Ivette told us:

“Through color and composition, I aim to achieve in my paintings the same qualities I strive for in my relationships and life: balance, harmony, simplicity and joy.
My paintings are bright yet delicate and they combine realism and abstraction, (a bit like me…. feet planted firmly on the ground while head is always in the clouds…); I aspire to find a balance between the two – resulting in a dreaminess quality and a poetic atmosphere. I think my painting “Tandem” is a great example of that dreaminess quality, as the horses almost seem to be floating on a cloud.”
Ivette Kjelsrud

Ivette Kjelsrud is a self-taught artist, world traveler and animal lover, who found a home in Montana and a purpose in painting. “My inspiration comes from nature and my surroundings,” she said, “I am fascinated by light, water and movement, which compels me to paint a series of recurring subjects.”

“I’m a dreamer and that’s the essence of my art.”

Ivette paints mostly with a palette knife in acrylic, oil and watercolor, indicative of her taste for diversity and distaste of routine. Her compositions are rather instinctive; “they come from my heart, rather than my head,” she says.

Ivette Kjelsrud loves to experiment, explore, and discover new techniques, bringing a fresh and unique result highly visible in her paintings. “I also find that different mediums lend themselves better to different subjects,” Ivette told us.

“I purchase Show Packs from Stu-Art Supplies as I offer matted prints of most of my paintings.”

Discover the wonderful collection of paintings by Ivette Kjelsrud on her website and on her Facebook page.

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