Ron Andrews

Ron Andrews @ Stu-Art SuppliesOccasionally we have seen an image so many times, we believe we know it. Our next “WOW!!” begins with a familiar image, and through his interpretation creates a painting which allows you to see something different each time viewed. The painting, “Cerebral”, part of Ron Andrews, Watermedia Artist collection, Facial Landscapes, is based on an image of Albert Einstein that we have all seen many times before.

In Ron’s words:
“Albert Einstein is known for his profound thinking and deep understanding of complex physical phenomenon, i.e. general relativity and cosmology. The painting attempts to communicate this through the following:
• the under painting of neurons and their interconnectivity in the brain
• shapes with complex forms and edges
• focus with compelling eyes
• clarity with a relatively simple palette
• enlightenment emerging from darkness of deep space
• a recognizable image of Einstein
• suggestion of stacked/overlapped flat layers analogous to a multidimensional universe

The attempt was to put all of this together in an artistically compelling way. The viewer is the judge.”

That is fun part of this “WOW!!”, each time you look at this painting, you will discover something new. We invite you to take a look, what do you see? Please post a comment and let us know!

Find more about Ron Andrews on his website

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