Ken Hosmer

Ken Hosmer @ Stu-Art Supplies“Good Conversation” Watercolor Painting by Ken Hosmer © 2013
Exhibited in American Watercolor Society 147th Annual International Exhibition, 2014, New York City.

This WOW!!! is about the energy of COLOR. It’s about how you can change the entire visual of things with just a slight variation of it. How the addition or subtraction of it can create not just a beautiful image but a whole story. Although if we’re having a conversation about color we must mention Ken Hosmer. Ken is one of those few passionate artists & teachers known for his unique use of color as we can see in today’s painting, “Good Conversation”. Looking at it we can enjoy an interesting slice of life, “a captured moment” if you will, created with just a few brushstrokes.

As Ken Hosmer told us:
“As an artist, I am often intrigued by the simple moments in life. This painting portrays such a moment. Watercolor painting is a flowing dance of color and shape—the challenge to apply the paint with spontaneous rhythm, creating a sense of energy and movement. When such a painting succeeds, it is pure exhilaration!”

Ken’s work includes watercolors and oil paintings. He has been published a number of times in The Artist’s Magazine and Watercolor Magic. His titles include “Four Steps to Creative Color” and “How to Paint Backward”, among others.

Ken Hosmer has also been a teacher for over 25 years, highly respected for his calm and supportive manner. He has been a guest workshop instructor for over 90 art organizations in the USA and international locations such as Greece, Mexico and Italy.

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