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Miriam Schulman

Miriam Schulman @ Stu-Art SuppliesOur next “WOW!!!” is dedicated to Miriam Schulman (SchulmanArt), an artist with a mastery knowledge about the use of colors. On her watercolor paintings, like today’s “Preening Peacock”, the colors flow organically on the paper until, together, they create something beautiful.

Schulman’s skills doesn’t end with her watercolor techniques. She experiments with other materials and methods, like on her most recent collection where she uses some musical sheets as collages mixed with watercolors.

Schulman’s art has been published in The New York Times and many other regional and national publications. Her artwork is collected and included in private collections throughtout the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Israel, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Miriam Schulman also shares her knowledge and techniques through on-line art classes in her website “The Inspiration Place”. If you are interested in watercolor techniques, that’s your place.

Find more about her painting “Preening Peacock” here.

And discover much more by visiting her website:

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