Ray Yeager

Ray Yeager @ Stu-Art SuppliesThis WOW!!! is like pure science fiction, even though the photographer Ray Yeager (RTY Photography LLC) took this photo at Jordan Pond in Arcadia National Park, and not on a remote distant planet as one may think.

In the words of Ray Yeager:
“That entire week, the skies were incredibly clear. My astrophotographer friend had come to visit so sleep was not an option. That’s Polaris (North Star) in the center. The star trails are caused by the rotation of the earth. The “Bubbles” can be seen at the end of the Jordan Pond. It was one of the clearest nights I’d ever experienced. I don’t get to see skies like that home in New Jersey.”

Neither do we, Ray. This image is a WOW!!! for different reasons. One is the picture itself. Another one is the technique. Overall it shows us just how awesome the universe is. Ray is an amazing photographer, able to capture things that we only can imagine.

See more pictures from Ray Yeager on his own website www.rtyphotography.com

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