Raymond Schorle

Raymond Schorle @ Stu-Art SuppliesThis amazing painting, “Pilgrim’s Tide”, is a beautiful representation by Raymond Schorle of Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France. A wondrous place, full of history, and is visited by people from all over the world each year. Mont St. Michel is located on a small mountain half a mile from the mainland, in the middle of a delta where several small rivers and streams empty into the bay. Twice each day the 30 foot tide washes in and surrounds the mount making it an island.

As Raymond told us:
“I traveled there a few years ago and was so inspired that I plan to travel back soon. It’s impressive to say the least.”

He also explained that the monks at this abbey founded its’ counterpart called St. Michael’s Mount on the coast of Cornwall, UK, a place that Raymond Schorle has also visited and painted. You can find his painting “St. Michael’s Mount” and more of his work as well as a blog of his travels on his own website www.raymondschorlefineartstudio.com

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