William B MacGregor Jr, The Junkyard Artist

Remembering Woodstock by William B MacGregor Jr @ Stu-Art Supplies
“Remembering Woodstock” watercolor painting by William B MacGregor Jr © 2015 using mats and backing boards from Stu-Art Supplies.

Today’s WOW!, by artist William B MacGregor Jr is not just one WOW!, it’s a continuous chain of WOWS!, one WOW! right after the other. William, or Bill, is also known as The Junkyard Artist. A very interesting fact about Bill’s work is that some of his best selling prints are septic trucks. That’s right, not a typo. Bill himself explains why:

“I am a mechanical engineer and have no formal art training except for drafting. One of my first jobs from college was working for a civil engineer doing sewer studies, then worked as a draftsman for the center of space research. The highest compliment I have ever received for my artwork is one of my paintings is etched on a gravestone in Western Mass. Also, have had my artwork featured in a septic truck magazine, financial investment newsletter, and even a French book for teaching English in France.”William B MacGregor Jr, The Junkyard Artist
Remembering Woodstock by William B MacGregor Jr @ Stu-Art Supplies
“Remembering Woodstock” watercolor painting featured in a French book for teaching English.
The name of today’s featured painting is “Remembering Woodstock,” and by the way it’s also the image that was used in a French text book for teaching English (see photo).

William B MacGregor Jr’s art varies drastically from automotive to nostalgic and takes some wild turns into navy ships as well. The scenes are mostly in the NE area of the United States. It’s as if it’s a loose documentation of what’s great about our country.

T-shirts Save The Junkyards by William B MacGregor Jr
“Save The Junkyard” t-shirts by William B MacGregor Jr
He’s currently concentrating on nautical chart paintings, usually working on 2-3 commissions at a time. “The most sought after commissions are of Navy Ships,” Bill told us. “I specialize in doing collages where the customer will send me a group of pictures and I’ll create a custom work designed with their images.” Bill also sells personalized prints where he hand prints their name on the artwork.

“I have a line of T-shirts from my artwork with the theme Save the Junkyards,” Bill said.

Bill is a member of the Ocean State Artisans craft organization and he sells his art thru his website junkyardartist.com, Etsy, eBay, automotive swap meets, craft shows and country fairs.

William B MacGregor Jr was recommended to Stu-Art Supplies about 12 years ago by his friend and artist Herb Rauh*, and has been a steady customer ever since. “I sell my artwork using your economy beveled mats, backing boards and bags,” he told us.

Discover his septic trucks paintings, nautical charts and lots more of William B MacGregor Jr’s interesting paintings on his website.

*A Very Special Note About Herb Rauh:

Artist Herb Rauh died 1 year ago, on August 9, 2014. He is described as “a creative force, inventive mind, and beloved man.” Herb Rauh was an artist most interested in watercolors, but also did oil paintings, clay sculpture, woodworking and clock-making. He and William B MacGregor Jr collaborated together on multiple artworks. Herb will always be missed.

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