Lois Brezinski

Lois Brezinski @ Stu-Art SuppliesThis is a double WOW!!!. The first WOW!!! is about the artwork, the painting “On the Reef” and the peaceful feeling that we are really there, under the sea. The second WOW!!! is about Lois Brezinski, our customer and friend, and how she became an artist.

In 1990, while being one of the leading fabric artists in New York, she went on vacation to the Cayman Islands, discovered her love for the tropics and decided to stay. Soon she began painting the brilliant colors and light that fascinated her; and her textile business evolved blissfully into a life and love of painting. Lois Brezinski’s art is so good, that several galleries in Grand Cayman represent her work and her new business, Cayman Colors, thrives selling reproductions of her art to over 20 major gift shops and hotels on the islands.

In 2000 she decided to move back to the states and opened a gallery, Lois Brezinski Artworks ( http://www.loisbrezinskiartworks.com ) in Delray Beach, Florida, leaving behind a huge legacy in the Cayman Islands. The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands includes Lois’s work in their permanent collection and the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman hotel, among others, commissioned Lois’s paintings for their lobbies and rooms.

Find more about Lois Brezinski’s artworks in her gallery store: www.loisbrezinskiartworks.com

Find more about Lois in her website: www.lbrezinski.com

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