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Raymond Schorle

This amazing painting, “Pilgrim’s Tide”, is a beautiful representation by Raymond Schorle of Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France. A wondrous place, full of history, and is visited
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Steven Bart

This WOW!!! is about a “listening eye”. That’s how Steven Bart‘s website describes his ability to witness and capture “wonderful moments of serenity and awe”. Steven Bart is
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Jason Fizer

Today’s a multiple WOW!!! It features the work of artist & teacher, Jason Fizer and his many extremely talented students. Jason created Fizer Fine Art LLC three years
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Grace Bochain Luddy

This WOW!! “Songlines” is a spectacular photo taken by Grace Bochain Luddy, of Block Island, RI. Grace Bochain Luddy is an accomplished photographer skilled at capturing breathtaking images.
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Evan Chismark

For this WOW!!! we only have to say two words: pen and ink. This impressive, highly detailed illustration, named “Genetic Alchemy”, created by Evan Chismark, was made using
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Stacie Flint

This WOW!!! is about you looking at yourself in a mirror, but that mirror is the imagination of the artist Stacie Flint. Stacie uses her colorful style to
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